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Neuchâtel / 01 Dec 2006


Neuchâtel / 20 Dec 2006


IP protection in Switzerland even more attractive

As of January 1, 2007, the fee structure of the Swiss Federal Institute for Intellectual Property will be steamlined. While some official fees will be reduced, many others (e.g. for supplying a priority document) will simply be abolished. The filing fees for patents remain very low at CHF 200 and the annuities for the 5th and 6th year have been drastically reduced to CHF 100 (instead of CHF 310), which make validations of EP granted patents in our country more interesting. For designs, some fees such as for deferring publication and for filing a description, among others, have been cancelled. Trademark applicants will be pleased to read that the electronic filing fees are now CHF 450 (previously CHF 600) and that the application may include up to 3 classes of goods/services (previously only 2). Finally, in an effort to encourage IP right owners to have transfers of rights, licence agreements, changes regarding the owners' particulars and the like recorded at the Registry, so that the records are always up-to-date, all official fees in this connection have been abolished. The overall savings for the applicants can thus turn out to be considerable. We remain of course at your entire disposal should you wish more information.

ptsadmin / 22 Mar 2006


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