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P&TS Ltd is an impressive team of dedicated experts with extensive specialist skills both in the field of technology and in intellectual property law. We thus assist the most innovative enterprises to develop efficient intellectual property strategies throughout the world.

We are notably specialized in patents, trademarks, designs and technology surveys. We furthermore have considerable expertise in the field of technology transfer and in the creation of value from intellectual property by means of licensing agreements or during litigation.

The Swiss firm P&TS was established in 1998 in Neuchâtel. It is now also active in Zurich as well as in the European Union through its subsidiary in Dublin and via a service address in Wiesbaden.

In addition to their activity as counsel, Giovanni Gervasio and Christophe Saam also serve as adjunct judges at the Swiss Federal Patent Court.

Lauréat du Prix SVC Suisse Romande 2014