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The design registers of the intellectual property authorities constitute a near inexhaustible source of information on the products that are about to invade our environment. Until now, this information was difficult to find and access - it is dispersed over many national sites that often do not allow searches to be performed according to the preferred criteria and/or that are not available online - and is widely under-used. This causes considerable losses especially for companies that encounter infringements.

P&TS has considerable experience and resources in the field of technology surveys and economic intelligence. In collaboration with Questel Orbit, we offer since March 2007 design search services through the tool DesignFinder. We also handle the commercialization of this database.

DesignFinder regroups the design registers of many countries and makes it possible to find on a single page and in a single language of your choice the registrations filed with different offices in the whole world. A list of the countries currently covered is available upon request.

This allows the user to get information on the latest developments of his competitors and quickly detect already published designs that could anticipate his own new product, thus giving him the opportunity to reorient his new development in order to avoid legal suits.

The results of the searches and surveys can be updated periodically to timely detect potential new designs of third parties that could jeopardize your activities or that are merely interesting from a technical, commercial or legal point of view. You are then alerted to any new change likely to interest you that has appeared in the databases.

We offer access to DesignFinder as a yearly subscription or specific searches performed by our specialist upon request. In the latter case, the results include an analysis and commentaries by specialized attorneys who can then advise you as to a suitable strategy in the face of the documents disclosed.

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