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Francis Muriset


Patent formalities officer

Born in 1952 in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). Languages: French, German, English.

Francis Muriset enjoys a double education both in business and in teaching. He worked for three years in social services and also benefits from nearly 20 years' experience as a patent formalities officer in an important Swiss intellectual property law firm. He was also chief-accountant of that company and his competence in human resources was also a precious asset in the course of his career.

Francis Muriset joined P&TS in April 2003 where he is in charge of the formalities in relation to the grant and validation procedures and of the annuities, and where he can put his linguistic skills to good use.

Francis passionately loves classical music and is a keen long-distance sportsman. His other hobbies include reading, history and good cooking.  

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