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costs for obtaining protection

The overall costs for obtaining a patent are constituted of several components and can vary considerably according to the invention and the chosen geographical coverage.

The costs for the first patent (patent issued from the priority application) will comprise costs for preparing and filing the application, various procedure fees and grant fees, including translation costs in the case of a European patent. Furthermore, annual maintenance fees must be paid after grant of the patent in order to keep the patent in force during a maximum period of 20 years.

At P&TS, the costs for preparing and filing the application are usually situated around CHF 4’000 for a simple application filed in Switzerland and up to CHF 15’000 or more for a complex international application preceded by a preliminary search. The costs incurred later during the course of the procedure will depend mostly on the results of the search report and on the ease with which the patent can be obtained. At each step of the procedure, we will gladly supply a cost estimate for pursuing the procedure.

The costs for obtaining patents abroad vary according to the countries. Translation costs, which often constitute an important portion of the total costs of obtaining protection of an invention on an international level, must also be taken into account. These costs are incurred generally 12 months after the priority date but can be deferred up to 30 months in the case of an international PCT application.

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