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searches for oppositions

Three options are open when a third party patent liable to threaten the activities of a company is discovered: to acquire a license, to modify one ’s product in order to circumvent the patent, or to have said patent invalidated for example by means of an opposition procedure.
This latter solution is however only possible if the patent lacks validity, e.g. if it is devoid of novelty or if the grant procedure has been marred by such mistakes that a revocation is indispensable.
We can assist you in having a patent invalidated and for all the steps required in an opposition procedure. We usually start by complementing the search supplied by the Patent Office that granted the patent in order to ascertain whether all relevant documents have been taken into account.

Thanks to our experience in the field of technology surveys, we often discover prior art that seriously challenges the novelty or the inventiveness of a granted patent.
We also check the whole grant procedure to discover whether there are any possible hidden flaws or irregularities, such as for example a non-allowed extension of the patent’s object after filing. We submit our arguments to you for approval and indicate the chances of success of an opposition procedure based on these arguments.

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