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surveys with Propis

The results of a panoramic search or of a freedom to use serach must be periodically updated in order to discover in time any possible third party patents liable to threaten your activities or simply of interest from a technical, commercial or legal point of view. For this purpose, we can automatize a defined search strategy by saving it in the form of a computer script executed periodically. The disclosed results at each update are imported into our central database and can be accessed on subscription via our patented site www.propis.com. Access to the site is personalized and each user only accesses those documents that concern him. The documents discovered are sorted and commented by P&TS patent attorneys who focus notably on the most relevant patents. Subscribing users are automatically alerted via e-mail of any new publications in their field.

After some years of use, PROPIS thus constitutes for the users a database accessible over the Internet that is very precious since it contains all the patents in their technical field, completely commented by specialists capable of assessing their relevance for a given company.
Complete information on PROPIS are available from the site www.propis.com.

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