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Steps for filing a patent application

This page contains information as to the steps for filing a patent or design application

4 easy steps for filing a patent or design application

1. Send us by fax or mail the attached order form
2. A patent attorney will contact you within 24 hours
3. After having fully understood your invention, we will send you a patentability analysis. Deadline: max. 3 weeks Cost: max CHF 2600
4. On the basis of this analysis and after requesting your instructions, a patent application will be prepared and filed, for example with the Swiss or European Patent Office

P&TS is specialized in performing prior art searches and in obtaining and enforcing patent rights. Our staff includes specialists in technology surveys to ascertain the novelty of your inventions and a team of patent attorneys including former patent examiners at the European Patent office.

Thanks to our knowledge of the prior art and of the decision processes within the EPO, we are able when drafting the applications to anticipate the examiner's main objections and thus achieve an high rate of acceptance of the applications we drafted. The granted patents are furthermore more solid and easier to defend in opposition procedures or in litigation against possible infringers.


Steps for filing a patent application
Patentability analysis
Preparing the patent/design application
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