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patentability study

The aim of patentability study is to ascertain whether an invention submitted to us fulfills the conditions for obtaining a patent. For this purpose, we check mainly the novelty and inventiveness implied by the invention by means of a search in our databases. The results of the analysis are made available on our site www.propis.com accessible through a secure interface.
The result of the analysis is a detailed report generally containing a list of documents disclosed during the search (e.g. patents, but often also scientific articles, publications, web pages etc.) as well as concrete advice as to the possibilities of protection in the different countries.

The patentability search usually makes it possible to better define the inventive contribution of a new product over the prior art and thus allows to optimize the subsequent drafting of a patent application by very clearly distinguishing over the prior art discovered. It also enables the protection strategy, e.g. the initial choice of countries or the contents of the claims, to be adapted according to these results.

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