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freedom to operate

The aim of freedom to operate searches is to verify whether a new product can be commercialized without infringing existing patents. These searches are often performed even before the product has been fully specified in order to adapt its characteristics to take into account third party patents.
Freedom to operate searches are generally much more complex than patentability searches; for each discovered patent, it is necessary to check the terms of the claims as well as the legal status, in order to ascertain exactly its conferred scope of protection.
At P&TS, this task is performed in close collaboration between the search and intelligence specialist and the patent attorney.

In order to interpret more delicate claims in non-European patents, we call upon our international network of specialized correspondents for a reliable assessment of scope and legal status of the patents.
The results of a freedom to operate search consist usually of a list of documents on paper or accessible through a secure connection via our site www.propis.com, accompanied by a report clearly identifying the likely risks caused by each patent as well as the possibilities of overcoming, attacking or obtaining a license for these patents.

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