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Crocus Technology: a $300M deal with RUSNANO

Crocus Technology, a high tech startup based in Grenoble (France), has signed a $300M deal with RUSNANO to build an advanced Magnetic memory (MRAM) manufacturing facility in Russia. Crocus and RUSNANO will form Crocus Nano Electronics (CNE) and build a Russia-based facility utilizing Crocus' technology to create the first dedicated magnetic memory wafer fab in the world capable of high volume manufacturing of MRAM devices on 300mm wafers with 90nm and 65nm feature sizes. The production facility is scheduled to be operational within two years.

P&TS has been advising Crocus on IP matters since 2008 and helping in the development of its patent portfolio. We are very proud of this acknowledgment of the value of Crocus' IP.

For more information please on this exciting development, please go to: www.nanodimension.com/news 

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