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Patentability analysis

Filing a patent or design application comprises two stages: the patentability search and the drafting of the application itself. The principal is continuously informed of the developing procedure.

Patentability search
As soon as we receive your order for a patentability search, a patent agent will contact you to discuss the budget and possibly arrange a meeting to obtain more information regarding your invention.
When the necessary information has been gathered, our technology survey specialists will verify the novelty of your invention in our internal databases, on the Internet as well as in nearly 5000 professional databases to which we have subscribed. You can choose to receive the results of this search either on paper, on CD-ROM or over our website www.propis.com

A patentability report is drafted containing observations as to the main documents discovered and advice as to the protection of the invention. The usual processing time is two weeks, an express analysis being available upon request.

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Patentability analysis
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