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patent information searches: resources

P&TS enjoys considerable experience and resources with respect to technology surveys and economic intelligence.
The searches are performed by engineers with a specialization degree in searching techniques or by former European Patent Office examiners . Our search specialists have thus all benefited from advanced training in database interrogation and datamining. Regular proficiency courses allow all our specialists to keep up our high standards in this fast-evolving domain.
As the searches are always carried out in close collaboration with the patent attorney in charge of the file, the search results are of course also analyzed by specialists in the art of interpreting patents and claims. Furthermore, the technical knowledge acquired by the patent attorneys during the search proves useful when drafting an application in the same field.

P&TS has subscriptions with the main suppliers of patent and technological information, which allows us to perform searches in over 5’000 professional databases that are not available on the Internet. In our main fields of activity, we moreover own a large internal collection of documents.
The search results are converted into a common format and stored in the database PROPIS which we created. The final users can, on subscription, connect at any time through secure Internet connections to this database to consult or download the documents that concern them.

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