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publication of the European patent application

European patent applications are published approximately 18 months after the filing date or, if priority has been claimed, after the oldest priority date. The search report is attached to the publication if it is already available, otherwise it will be published subsequently.

Warning - Beware of approaches and requests for payment

It has come to the attention of P&TS that more and more clients are receiving invitations to pay fees that do not come from P&TS or WIPO/EPO and are unrelated to the processing of european or international applications under the EPC or PCT. Whatever registration services might be offered in such invitations, they are not issued by P&TS and bear no connection to WIPO/EPO or to any of their official publications. It is highly recommended not to pay them.

These invitations to pay fees often identify a particular PCT application by its international publication number (eg: WO 02 xxxxxx), publication date, title of the invention, international application number, priority information and IPC symbols; examples of such invitations can be viewed below. It is highly recommended not to pay them.

You may find some examples on following WIPOs website : http://www.wipo.int/pct/en/warning/pct_warning.html 

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publication of the European patent application
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