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patentability analysis

When an invention is presented to us, we begin by checking its novelty through a patentability study. The aim of this analysis is to determine precisely the prior art closest to the invention. After completion of this study, a report is issued that contains a list of patents and articles published by other parties and capable of challenging the invention's patentability, as well as advice as to suitable protection. The costs of the patentability analysis are invoiced according to a price agreed in advance, often around CHF 2'600 for an invention of average complexity.
Around 40 percent of all inventions that are submitted to us are abandoned after completion of the patentability analysis, when the inventors realize that the prospects for protection do not justify the costs nor the efforts. In this case, the patentability analysis allows the applicant to make substantial cost savings by avoiding the filing of a superfluous application.

In the case where the procedure is followed by the drafting of a patent application, the patentability analysis makes it possible to check which characteristics, in a project containing several innovative aspects, can be protected efficiently, and to optimize the drafting of the application to clearly emphasize the differences between the new invention and the documents discovered.

The patentability analysis is also accompanied by one or several suggestions on the strategies for protecting the invention, taking into account the invention’s commercial prospects, the discovered prior art and the applicant’s budget. In most situations, the strategy begins with the initial filing of a Swiss, European, international (PCT) or provisional (without payment of fees) patent application or of a defensive publication.
A patentability analysis can be ordered by means of the downloadable attached form.

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