Annora Ho

Annora Ho

Senior Foreign Filing Officer


Languages: English, French, Cantonese, Mandarin

+ Chinese biography

何瑋瑤 外國申請提交高級主管 香港理工大學 出生地:        中國香港 語文: 英文, 法文, 中文 語言: 英語, 法語, 國語, 廣東話 何瑋瑤, 出生於香港, 在當地一所知名的美國學府接受高等教育. 在這期間, 她培養了對語言的興趣及發展其國際文化溝通技巧。於香港理工大學畢業後, 她曾於不同的跨國企業工作, 並取得在國際商業環境所需的各項專業技能及經驗。 何瑋瑤於二零零五年加入P&TS擔任外國申請提交高級主管. 閒時, 她喜歡游泳, 歌唱, 跳舞及到大自然美景以舒展身心。

Annora Ho received her education in a prestigious American school in the former British colony where her linguistic interests and her inter -cultural communication skill were developed and nurtured. After graduation from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she had worked for different multinational companies in Hong Kong and acquired varied professional experience in the context of international business environment.

Annora joined P&TS in October 2005 as Patent Formalities Officer. At her leisure, she enjoys swimming, singing, dancing and recharging her energy while discovering the beauty of the Swiss nature.

Annora Ho, born in Hong Kong (China)