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Hermine Lacour

Legal Counsel IP/IT

Languages: French, German and English.

During her studies in computer science, Hermine Lacour developed an appetence for the legal field, particularly in intellectual property and data protection. She completed her studies and obtained a law degree (2010) as well as a specialized master’s degree in new technology and space law (2012).

Since then, she has practiced in various companies active in the field of new technologies, in France and in Switzerland since 2016, as a lawyer or legal and regulatory manager. For this reason, she has participated in the drafting of numerous contracts in the field of new technologies (from simple Non-Disclosure Agreement to complex contracts, memoranda of understanding, term sheets, purchase, sale, IRU (Indefeasible right of use), hosting, general terms and conditions of services, DPA (Data Processing Addendum…)), conducted complex negotiations, due diligence exercises, corporate projects, assisted the technical teams in the analysis of innovative projects from a legal perspective. From a regulatory point of view, she has implemented a compliance framework (including the adoption of a code of ethics and the resulting governance framework), and developed expertise in data protection (compliance, review of supplier DPAs, assistance in the negotiation of customer DPAs, conduct of training).

In parallel, she wrote a PhD thesis about free and open source licences in comparative law (Switzerland, France, US). The objective of this work was to identify systematic methods allowing an efficient analysis of a software project, to understand the consequences of the choice of an open source licence and to efficiently solve licence conflicts between several components.

Hermine is committed in supporting innovation and research, promoting free software, and data protection. On a personal level, it is important for her to make the law accessible to non-lawyers.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, running, as well as plastic arts and gardening.

Open source software components

Determination of a systematic method for the distribution of components under Swiss, French and US law.