Joëlle Huguenin

Finance Department

Languages: French, English

Joëlle Huguenin, specialist in finance and accounting with a federal diploma, has worked for more than seven years in accounting in two international companies in Switzerland. In parallel, she obtained various foreign language certificates, the CFC with the integrated maturity and the federal diploma of specialist in finance and accounting.

In 2019, she perfected her English in South Africa for several months. Her curiosity and desire to travel led her to travel up Africa alone, by bike, passing on her passion for juggling in schools and orphanages.

Forced to return from Sudan in March 2020 because of Covid19, she first worked to help asylum seekers in her canton and then joined P&TS in June 2021 to re-enter the accounting profession that is close to her heart.

Born in 1990 in Switzerland, Joëlle spends her free time cycling and performing.