“Being an analytic mind with a great passion for research and innovation, I am now an IP-enthusiast, navigating through the fascinating world of Patent Law supporting and protecting innovation. ”

Petronela-Antonia Bauer

Patent Engineer


Languages: English, French, German, Hungarian

After Petronela-Antonia dived deep into the fundamentals of Physics, she started working on its applications, as she was always absorbed by technical development, represented by innovation. When she stepped into the world of intellectual property, where at the edge of technology, science meets the mesmerizing world of law and language, she found her vocation.

In 2014 Petronela-Antonia started as Patent Attorney Trainee for an US American Patent Law firm in Germany. She performed patent application and prosecution work before the German and European Patent Office, primarily for multinational clients. Within the framework of her German and European training, Petronela-Antonia acquired substantial knowledge in intellectual property law and performed in 2015 a legal clerkship at the Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgricht) at the division for Patent infringements in Düsseldorf.

Subsequently, Petronela-Antonia joined an Australian Patent Law firm in Queensland, where she gained strong insight in Australian Patent Law and explored the Australian way of life.

In 2018 she moved to Switzerland, working as an IP Specialist for a globally leading Swiss technology company. Within this role as an in-house practitioner, she gained strong insight for the needs and the IP-strategy of an innovation driven company.

Petronela-Antonia joined P&TS in August 2019.

Petronela -Antonia holds a degree in Physics with three majors, as she has a true passion for research and innovation. She embraced different research fields while working as a research assistant in Laboratories in Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

In her last position as a research assistant at the European Laboratory of Non-Linear Spectroscopy in Florence, she worked on the set up of a new generation experiment with two-dimensional ultra-cold degenerate Lithium Fermions and studied additionally the theoretical aspects of the Bose-Hubbard Model in extra dimensions and disordered Fermi gases at the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Castelldefels, Spain.

She is experienced in the drafting and prosecuting of patent applications for clients from various industries including software, mechanical and electrical engineering, medical devices, nanotechnology, and optics.

During her spare time Petronela-Antonia enjoys learning new skills and languages, aquatic sports, and traveling.

Petronela-Antonia has German and Hungarian roots.