Valentina Neipp

Valentina Neipp

Finance Department

Languages: French, English, German, Croatian.

Valentina completed her obligatory education in Basel. She then left the German-speaking region to settle down in the French-speaking region where she did her apprenticeship of Business and Commercial employee with KPMG. Having obtained her Federal Certificate of Capacity (CFC) in specialization fiduciary, Valentina went to London to enrich her linguistic and cultural knowledge.

On her return, she worked in the Neuchâtel region in the departments of Accounting and Finance including a large multinational, where she participated in the implementation of  “shared service center” for Europe.
In addition,Valentina participated actively in financial mergers (acquisitions of companies) and involved in various tasks related to the payroll. She completed her accounting knowledge in tax accounting (local and U.S. GAAP) and reporting.

Valentina joined P&TS in January, 2013 where she handles the analytic accounting and financial reporting.

Born in 1975 in Pozega (Croatia).