P&TS AG, Patent Law Firm, Zurich

We protect the ideas that shape the future

P&TS Ltd is an impressive team of dedicated experts with extensive specialist skills both in the field of technology and in intellectual property law. We thus assist the most innovative enterprises to develop efficient intellectual property strategies throughout the world.

In 2014 P&TS SA expanded and proudly opened new offices (P&TS AG) in the heart of Zürich city, thus being one of the very few patent and trademark law firms established both in the French and German parts of Switzerland.

P&TS Zurich mainly aims to assist clients based in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland. Our IP Attorneys have vast experience in a wide range of IP matters and this enables us to offer our clients exceptional quality IP services.

P&TS SA Zurich is managed by Ronan Guirey and supports companies in the broad fields of Engineering, Telecommunications, Electronics, Micro-electronics, Robotics, Mechatronics, Software, Production Machines, Medical Technology and Green Technology. The office has a broad client portfolio supporting start-ups, SME’s, and established Universities, as well as larger more established companies abroad.

P&TS Marques SA Zurich is managed by Barbara Gehri and supports companies and individuals in the fields of trademark and design law as well as with regard to other aspects of intellectual property law (with the exception of patent law) in a wide range of different industries. The office’s client portfolio comprises SME’s, multinational companies, individuals as well as start-ups. Barbara Gehri speaks German, English and French.


P&TS Gebäude in Zurich
Patentanwaltkanzlei in Zurich