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P&TS supports the SP80 project to set a world speed sailing record.

P&TS Ltd is a Swiss patent and trademark law firm. Our impressive team of dedicated IP experts have extensive specialist skills both in the field of technology and in intellectual property and IT law. We thus assist the most innovative companies to develop efficient intellectual property strategies throughout the world.

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In order to facilitate the exchange and filing of documents related to your patent procedures, P&TS launches the Propis platform. Propis is a secure cloud, hosted at P&TS, which allows you to store and share all correspondence between P&TS and inventors or applicants. You thus have a complete and up-to-date view of your patent portfolio and can retrieve all exchanges, including e-mails, texts of your applications, notifications, etc., comfortably and securely via your computer, tablet or smartphone > Discover Propis

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P&TS offers a new way of securing intellectual property assets, based on blockchain technology.
Blockchains are mainly known for their applications in cryptosystems, such as bitcoins. P&TS uses them to revolutionize the possibilities available for the protection of software, technological innovations and creations within companies. > Discover our dating solution via the blockchain

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Happy holidays

The whole web is talking about artificial intelligence at the moment, and we couldn’t resist using it to generate visuals for some of the latest...

SP80 Record Club

SP80, the Swiss world record sailing challenge, is in the process of finalising the construction of the boat which is being assembled in Renens. P&TS...
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Key steps in the collaboration between PTS and SP80

P&TS supports the SP80 project to set a world speed sailing record. SP80 is a team of EPFL students and alumni passionate about sailing and who are convinced that by combining the advantages of a kitesurfing sail with a revolutionary design of the boat it is possible to outperform the current speed record.

The development of such a project involves many aspects of intellectual property in order to protect and share the brand, technology, design, and to ensure collaboration with the many partners built on a clear basis.
The official launch of the project took place on 21 October 2019 during a major event in Neuchâtel for celebrating P&TS’ 20th anniversary.