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Watch Patents

A solid intellectual property strategy is vital in a competitive industry like watchmaking.

Watchmaking is an industry undergoing constant change, where innovation goes hand in hand with tradition, and where competition is fierce. Smartwatches, developed by multinationals with a very aggressive patent approach, represent another potential source of conflict when it comes to intellectual property. And protecting innovation goes still further: watch counterfeiters are constantly reinventing themselves and improving the quality of their work, and they are able to reach consumers directly thanks to the Internet.

This tense climate has not been helped by the high level of consolidation within the Swiss watchmaking sector, which has fuelled competition between groups and between subcontractors. This underscores the importance of innovation, as it sets a product apart on the market, and maintaining exclusive rights to that product is essential.

That’s where P&TS comes in. We are based in Neuchâtel – in the heart of Swiss watchmaking country – so watches are one of our true passions. And we even encourage our engineers to get some hands-on experience in manufacturing.

While we serve all industries, we are a leader in the watchmaking sector, with several dozen patent filings every year in this area. We work with the most prestigious Swiss brands, independent watchmakers and component manufacturers, devising intellectual property strategies to enable them to protect and fully exploit their inventions.

Our expertise in various industries complements the wide-ranging needs of the watchmaking industry. We employ specialists in such areas as microengineering, materials, electronics, design, software and watch complications.


Charles Madore

Member of the direction. Swiss and European Patent Attorney