Brevets pour la chimie - Patente in der Chemieindustrie - Patents for the Chemical Industry

Chemicals and materials

Companies in this R&D-intensive sector need an effective intellectual property strategy to ensure their investment pays off.

In the chemical and biotechnology industry more than any other, solid intellectual property protection is essential for preserving profit margins and getting a return on the high cost of R&D. To achieve this, we offer the expertise of our two materials specialists, who have now been joined by a chemist.

Charles Madore holds a PhD in materials science from EPFL and is a European patent attorney. He specialises in electrochemical engineering and electroplating processes, with a particular focus on the medical field.

Sophie Cardy is a materials physics engineer, with a degree from the French National Institute of Applied sciences (Lyon). She is also a European patent attorney. Sophie previously worked in a major intellectual property law firm in Paris where she covered the aerospace industry (with a focus on super alloys and composite materials) along with water-treatment processes and medical devices.

Franck Amiot obtained a PhD in organic chemistry in 2002, at the University of Geneva, where he was involved in enantioselective synthesis issues based on heteroaromatic compounds. He completed his scientific education with a master of innovation management in 2005 at the University of Lyon. He has been qualified as a European patent attorney since 2013.

This team, backed by the rest of our diverse workforce, covers a wide range of chemistry-related technical fields:

  • Materials, including polymers, alloys, ceramics and composites
  • Surface treatment
  • Electrochemistry
  • Synthetic and natural polymer chemistry
  • Organic and organometallic chemistry
  • Medicinal and therapeutic chemistry
  • Biotechnologies
  • Medical devices

OS16-2016 – 25-27 October 2016, Bern, Switzerland.  Expert seminar on examination in the fields of medical devices, green inventions and non-technical features. Main (EPO) objections faced by applicants.

On 25th October 2016, during this expert seminar organized by the European Patent Academy (*), Sophie Cardy of P&TS gave a lecture on the subject of medical devices.  The audience consisted of national examiners from all parts of Europe.  To view the presentation, click here.

(*) The European Patent Academy is the external education and training arm of the European Patent Office.


Franck Amiot

Franck Amiot

European Patent Attorney. PhD in chemistry.