Biotech, Pharma and Agriculture

In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as well as in agriculture, solid intellectual property protection is essential for securing a return of the significant investment in R&D and for preserving profit margins. With a molecular biologist and an organic chemist as part of the team, P&TS provides the right experience for IP protection, including Supplementary Protection Certificates, in these fields.

Claudia Nash is a molecular biologist and Patent Engineer with a particular interest in medical and environmental biotechnology. She completed her PhD in Life Sciences at the ETHZ in 2001 on the genetic and biochemical characterization of a microbial multienzyme complex and subsequently pursued her research interests in the field of Innate Immunity (TLR signaling) for several years. Claudia has worked for and with Start-ups and is an experienced Technology Transfer Professional.

Franck Amiot obtained a PhD in organic chemistry in 2002, at the University of Geneva, where he was involved in enantioselective synthesis issues based on heteroaromatic compounds. He has worked within the pharmaceutical field and completed his scientific education with a master of innovation management in 2005 at the University of Lyon. He has been qualified as a European patent attorney since 2013.


Claudia Nash

Claudia Nash

Patent Engineer and Technology Transfer Professional
Frank Amiot

Franck Amiot

European Patent Attorney