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Subscription to the P&TS timestamping service

Registration Guide

Follow these simple steps to set up your account:

  1. Choose a subscription model that suits your needs.
    If you do not wish to have an annual subscription and timestamp only one document, please contact Claudia Nash directly for individual timestamping services.
  2. Complete the “Create your account” form below by selecting the subscription model, providing the requested information, reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions and setting your password.
  3. Once the form has been submitted, your account will normally be validated within 24 hours and you will receive an email notification. If there is a delay, please contact us.
  4. The first time you access your account, you will be asked to create your encryption key.
    Please choose a key (for example a sentence) that you can easily remember. Make sure you keep a copy of your key to avoid loosing access to your account forever if you lost it!
  5. Read, understand and accept the security statements and terms and conditions and…
  6. Welcome to your time stamping account!

After creating your account, you will receive an invoice for the monthly fee by email.


(1) Timestamping without subscription: please contact us.
(2) Amounts are indicated without VAT
(3) Start-ups supported by a P&TS partner organisation receive a 50% discount on subscriptions
(4) Number of registrations per month (bitcoin, EU TSA and China TSA)

Terms and Conditions (french)

Adresse de facturation/Billing address
En cliquant sur le bouton envoyer, vous créez une relation contractuelle avec P&TS et souscrivez à un abonnement selon le choix ci-dessus /// By clicking on the send button, you create a contractual relationship with P&TS and take out a subscription according to the choice above.


Claudia Nash

Claudia Nash

Technology Transfer and Patent engineer