We protect your products in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide.

P&TS has offices in Neuchâtel and Zurich.  In addition we have a subsidiary in Dublin, Ireland, to enable us to act in the United Kingdom and in Ireland.  We have a service address in Wiesbaden to defend your interests in Germany and a service address in Milan to defend your interests in Italy. In France we are represented by our privileged partner, Twenans SA, based in Clermont-Ferrand. Our multi-national patent advisors are qualified to represent you, not only in Switzerland and in Europe, but also at the national patent offices in France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Ireland.  In this way we can quickly set up a group of intellectual property specialists with experience in the largest European countries who can help you to draw up strategies for protection and to fight against counterfeiting in your main markets. Outside of Europe, we work with a network of carefully selected correspondents in more than 65 countries in order to defend your interests on a global basis.

P&TS SA Neuchâtel

Av. J.-J. Rousseau 4
2001 Neuchâtel Suisse

Phone + 41 32 7271427

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Skype : ptspatents

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P&TS SA Zurich

Nordstrasse 9
8006 Zürich

Phone +41 44 267 39 19 (Patent)
Phone +41 44 267 39 17 (Trademark)

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Access to our Secured Webmail (members only):

E-mails are not considered a secure method for the transmission of confidential information. We recommend that you encrypt confidential information to be sent to P&TS by e-mail, particularly announcements of inventions or any other information whose disclosure could be detrimental to your interests or to those of P&TS. We use either an SSL secured webmail or S-MIME or PGP protocols to encrypt e-mails, and we encourage you to do the same and to inform us of your public key. For those who do not have S-MIME or PGP certificates, we have our own PKI infrastructure with which we can generate S-MIME certificates that we can make available to you free-of-charge for your correspondence with P&TS. The installation of an S-MIME certificate ensures that :

  • Your e-mail exchanges with P&TS are properly encrypted
  • The messages are electronically signed
  • The sender cannot contest having received the e-mail (non-repudiation)
  • The contents of the e-mail have not been changed (integrity).

It is free to install an S-MIME certificate and only takes a few minutes. No software is installed and the process is compatible with all recent software, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, Eudora, etc. Contact us to receive an e-mail that will guide you automatically through the process of generating and installing the certificate or to obtain a password to allow you free access to our webmail.

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