P&TS, Conseil en brevets, marques, designs - Neuchâtel

We protect the ideas that shape the future

P&TS Ltd is an impressive team of dedicated experts with extensive specialist skills both in the field of technology and in intellectual property law. We thus assist the most innovative enterprises to develop efficient intellectual property strategies throughout the world.

P&TS was established in 1998 in Neuchâtel where the head office and all the administrative services are still based.

Neuchâtel is located in the heart of the Jura region where one of the most dynamic micro-technical clusters in the world is situated. Watchmaking, precision mechanics, microelectronics, software, production machines, mechatronics … There is an abundance of companies and specialised schools in the region that maintain an extremely dynamic and innovative industry. We benefit from the dynamism of the Lake Geneva region with its prestigious schools, its many start-ups and its strong activities particularly in med-tech, green-tech, information technology and materials. We are in close proximity to the Mittelland region and its centres in terms of watchmaking, telecommunications and electro-technics for example.

This extraordinarily fertile ground, favourable to innovation has allowed P&TS Neuchâtel to grow rapidly and to become established as one of the leading Swiss firms in terms of intellectual property.

Le spécialiste du brevet à Neuchâtel
Neuchâtel, siège du cabinet P&TS