“I used to work for a large UK patent law firm and here at P&TS I continue to represent clients before the European, UK and Irish Patent Offices; I now also represent clients before Swiss Patent Office.”

Ronan Guirey

Director of the P&TS Zurich office
European, Swiss, UK and Irish patent attorney

Electrical Engineer

Community TradeMark&Design Attorney

Irish TradeMark&Design Attorney

Strasbourg University Diploma in European Patent Litigation

IP specialist coach for Innosuisse



Languages: English, German.

Ronan holds a first class honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University College Cork, Ireland. In 2000 and 2004 Ronan was awarded the “Best Engineering Student Award” by the University. During his college career Ronan took a particular interest in control engineering, automation and mechanical engineering.

Following University Ronan worked for a short period in both the process control and telecommunications industries before starting his career as a Patent Attorney. Ronan began his career as a Patent Attorney in 2005, in a patent law firm in Dublin, Ireland. He later moved to a larger UK patent law firm where he gained experience in UK patent prosecution. In 2010 Ronan joined the team of Patent Attorneys at P&TS, and in 2014 he established the P&TS branch in Zürich (P&TS AG). Ronan is currently Director of P&TS AG.

Ronan specialises in the fields of Mechanics, Electro-mechanics, Electronics, Micro-electronics, Optics, Telecommunications, Robotics (including drones), Fluidics/Micro-fluidics, Mechatronics, Software, Medical Technology and Green Technology.

Ronan qualified as a ‘European Patent Attorney’ in 2009 and as a ‘Swiss Patent Attorney’ in 2013. He is also a ‘UK Chartered Patent Attorney’; an ‘Irish Registered Patent Agent’; ‘Community Trade Mark & Design Attorney’ and a ‘Registered Irish Trade Mark & Design Attorney’. Ronan also holds a DESU qualification from the University of Strasbourg in ‘European Patent Litigation’. In the past he spent a number of years working as a CEIPI tutor in ‘European Patent Law’ at the University of Strasbourg.

During his spare time Ronan enjoys running, cycling, skiing, reading and learning languages.

Born: 1980 in Cork, Republic of Ireland.