Access to our Secured Webmail (members only):

E-mails are not considered a secure method for the transmission of confidential information. We recommend that you encrypt confidential information to be sent to P&TS by e-mail, particularly announcements of inventions or any other information whose disclosure could be detrimental to your interests or to those of P&TS. We use either an SSL secured webmail or S-MIME or PGP protocols to encrypt e-mails, and we encourage you to do the same and to inform us of your public key. For those who do not have S-MIME or PGP certificates, we have our own PKI infrastructure with which we can generate S-MIME certificates that we can make available to you free-of-charge for your correspondence with P&TS. The installation of an S-MIME certificate ensures that :

Your e-mail exchanges with P&TS are properly encrypted
The messages are electronically signed
The sender cannot contest having received the e-mail (non-repudiation)
The contents of the e-mail have not been changed (integrity).

It is free to install an S-MIME certificate and only takes a few minutes. No software is installed and the process is compatible with all recent software, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, Eudora, etc. Contact us to receive an e-mail that will guide you automatically through the process of generating and installing the certificate or to obtain a password to allow you free access to our webmail.

Information on how to encrypt and on the electronic signature
Installation of an S/MIME certificate and access to our webmail